MOZA Lite 2

The Best Video Stabilization System for large DSLRs and small cinema cameras

A Lightweight Handheld Stabilizer with Mimic Motion Control and Motion Time-lapse Functionality

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Supported Cameras

Made from the same grade of magnesium alloy used in the aerospace industry, the MOZA Lite 2 has a superbly solid yet lightweight frame. Weighing only 2.2kg (4.8lbs), this lightweight gimbal has a max payload of 5.0kg (11.0lbs). It is the optimal choice for a wide range of cameras, from DSLRS to small-sized cinema cameras, such as Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 1DX, Canon C100/C200, BMCC, Red Dragon, ARRI ALEXA Mini, etc.

Mimic Motion Control

With intuitive sensor built into the MOZA thumb controller, movements along with you action will be detected and transmitted to the gimbal simultaneously. It gives the operator most responsive control between the remote controller and the gimbal. The MOZA Lite 2 will follow in Yaw, Pitch and Roll along with your hand movements.

Multiple-functional Wireless Thumb Controller

Bring your camera and MOZA Lite 2 fully under control with the wireless thumb controller. Integrated with a clear OLED display, this multi-functional accessory clearly shows the configuration of your device. It enables the operator to start or stop recording, remotely adjust the camera focus, and control the gimbal movement. With this unit, you can also tune the pre-settings for different cameras and lenses so you can find the most appropriate working status for your gimbal.

Create Motion Timelapse and Hyperlapse Video

Advanced software technology of the MOZA App brings motion timelapse function to the MOZA Lite 2. Simply mount your camera on the gimbal, and set time intervals, shutter duration and shooting duration to create amazingly smooth and stabilized timelapse videos.

Newest Technology –Deep Red Algorithm

The MOZA Air implement newest algorithm, the Deep Red technology to ensure precision control and best stabilization performance.

Auto-Tune via the MOZA App

The built-in Auto-tune enables the MOZA App to intelligently adjust parameters for your MOZA Lite 2 based on the weight of camera and lens mounted. Balance your gimbal and tap the button in the App, then you will get the best configuration for use.

Powerful Motor and Precision Control

The MOZA Lite 2 employs advanced FOC algorithm technology and automobile-grade motors with high-resolution digital positioning encoders embedded to ensure precision control. The powerful motors combine the latest control algorithms to bring you ultimate stabilization performance.

Roll-follow Mode

Apart from Yaw-follow, Yaw-Pitch-follow, Roll-follow mode is also available to the MOZA Lite 2. Launch the MOZA Assistant Software or use the MOZA thumb controller to activate the roll-follow mode. Now you can rotate the gimbal in the roll axis to capture incredible shots.

Multi-functional Grip

The MOZA Lite 2 features a newly designed grip which integrates handlebars and tuning stand into one. The detachble design allows the gimbal to stand up on its own when not in use. With 1/4'' screw on the yaw axis, the gimbal can be mounted on sliders, jibs and tripods.

Three Operation Modes

Operators can hold the gimbal in any of three different operation modes: underslung, upright, and briefcase, allowing the MOZA Lite 2 to be used in a wide variety of scenarios. Now you have the flexibly to switch to the best mode for your specific shooting situation!

Upright Mode

This is also known as the inverted mode, and is best suited for shooting at or above eye level. Switch to upright mode by flipping the gimbal upside down. This mode is best in situations where the gimbal is mounted to the top of a vehicle.

Briefcase Mode

The briefcase mode is perfect for getting the toughest shots, like in narrow spaces without any barriers. Turn the gimbal vertically to hold the camera at leg level, just like carrying a briefcase. No need to bend or kneel down!

Underslung Mode

This is the default operation mode, allowing the cameraman to simply hold the gimbal in front of him at chest level. This mode can also be easily adopted for mounting the gimbal to a drone for shooting video.

Intelligent Battery with 4~8 Battery Life

Cinematographers rely on stabilizer's battery life, especially during all-day shooting. With the same cell type as the Tesla, the MOZA Lite 2 is powered by a newly designed intelligent battery with a runtime of 4~8 hours. This allows the camera to work freely. No more worries about the battery running out! With built-in overcharge and over-depletion protection, the MOZA Lite 2 can also work safely with a static current.

Versatile and Mountable

The detachable top handlebar works as a quick release system that allows for easy assembly and disassembly. This unique feature lets the gimbal accommodate a diversity of shooting platforms, such as tripods, cranes, rigs, and drones. Once you remove the handle, the gimbal can be mounted to a drone with a UAV mount accessory.

MOZA Assistant App

The MOZA Lite 2 comes with its own app, the MOZA Assistant, which is available from both the Apple Store and GooglePlay. This app will assist you with calibration and tuning, offering you the perfect configuration for your device.

Power Distribution Unit

More accessories to connect to the gimbal and more power will lead to a better shooting experience. The awesome power distribution unit with a regulated 5V-1A USB Power port under the mounting plate offers a convenient connection and supply power to any accessory, such as wireless video transmitters or follow focus. Now anything is possible!