Create, Share and Enjoy Your Story with ease with the Foldable MOZA Mini MX 


Gudsen MOZA, the innovative imaging solutions provider for content creators around the world, today announced the latest addition to the MOZA Mini series, the MOZA Mini MX, a portable and foldable feature-rich smartphone gimbal. With "Deep Red" anti-shake algorithm, MOZA Mini MX delivers super-smooth professionally stabilized cinematic footage. Whether walking or running, MOZA Mini MX can handle your style of filmmaking. Unlike traditional gimbals that require complicated manual balancing steps, set up for the MOZA Mini MX gimbal is quick and easy. In unison with the new gimbal, MOZA is also debuting the MOZA Genie, the easy-to-use, highly intuitive video editing app for MOZA’s consumer gimbals. Create impressive cinematic movies on the go with a wide variety of shooting modes and video editing tools.


The Essential Video Shooting Tool For Everyone


The spiral folding design of the MOZA Mini MX allows it to fit into the palm of your hand, a small handbag, or back pocket. Set up for the MOZA Mini MX is quick and easy, start filming in seconds just connect over Bluetooth, and select a filming mode. Instant portrait and landscape transition is available to quickly adapt to various shooting scenes, so that you will never miss the action, and the simplistic layout of the button panel allows you to control the camera easily and intuitively with one-handed operation.


Create Your Story Now with the MOZA Genie App

MOZA Genie is the easy-to-use, highly intuitive video editing app for MOZA’s consumer gimbals. Create impressive cinematic movies on the go with a wide variety of shooting modes and video editing tools.

Magic Mode: Simply choose a template to create captivating movies with the latest trends instantly. A variety of templates and shooting modes are pre-loaded, so you can create just the right look effortlessly.

Gesture Control: Simply compose your shot, mount your camera, and use simple hand gestures to trigger the shutter and start/stop recording.

Object Tracking: Keep your subject in focus at all times. Simply select the subject, set the focus area and let the camera do the rest. Your subject will stay in sharp focus even as it moves throughout the frame.

Professional Built-in Editor:Take your movies to the next level with additional features such as filters, stickers, subtitles, special effects and music. Simple menu options make it easy to create impressive videos for even the most novice of users.


Advanced Shooting Modes

Slow Motion: Create dramatic, poetic scenes in Slow Motion Mode. Capture your audience with the emotion and essence of the moment.

Time-lapse: Capture beautiful changing scenery and the passage of time in Time-Lapse Mode. Share events such as sunrise or sunset or a blooming flower in a unique and fun way.

Inception Mode: Create movies with impact and emotion in Inception Mode. With a dynamic rotating lens effect, create an aesthetic feel of changing space and atmosphere.

Sport Gear Mode: Shooting fast-action sports scenes has never been easier in Sport Gear Mode. Select this mode to improve gimbal sensitivity and response time when tracking all the action. You'll never miss that decisive moment again.

Vertigo: Adjust zoom speed to add dimension and depth to your characters' emotions and overall storyline in Vertigo Mode.


Price and Availability

The MOZA Mini MX retails at US$89 and will be available for order on MOZA Official Store and retail stores including B&H.


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