MOZA Mini MX 2

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The World's First Auto-sense Smartphone Gimba. The innovation of the auto-sense phone holder can precisely clamp and release your phone automatically and provide you with an extraordinary hands-free shooting experience.


Key features
  • Foldable Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer
  • Automatic Clamp Detects Smartphone
  • Hand Gesture Control for Selfies
  • Supports Phones up to 3.5" Wide
  • Control Gimbal/Phone with MOZA Genie App
  • Fast Tracking, Sport, Timelapse Modes
  • 1/4"-20 Tripod Mount with Mini Tripod
  • MOZA Genie App Enables Fast Edits
Shipping and Delivery
 Other Infos 
Category Parameters
Payload 280g
Gimbal Weight 423g
Expanded Dimensions 120*120*265mm (L*W*H)
Folded Dimensions 145*60*180mm (L*W*H)
Supported Smartphone  Dimensions: 60~88 mm
Weight: 143 ~ 280g
Mechanical Range Pan: 340°
Roll: 300°
Tilt: 140°
Battery Life
24h (under balanced status)
Battery Specs Standard Voltage: 7.4V
Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
Battery Capacity 2000 mAh
Charging Time 2.5h


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Q1. What upgrades does MOZA Mini MX 2 have compared to MOZA Mini MX?
The biggest upgrade is that MOZA Mini MX 2 has a smart Auto-sense Holder, which can release your phone automatically and provide you an extraordinary hands-free shooting experience.
Q2. What devices are supported by MOZA MINI MX 2?
MOZA Mini MX 2 supports most mainstream phones on the market that are 60~88 mm in width, and 143-280 g in weight.
Q3. What is Magic Mode?
1. The Magic Mode in MOZA Genie App provides some cool short clips filming templates, you can easily shoot several clips by following the templates.

2. The Magic Mode guide you record and filming from three aspects including "camera movement", "transition", "sound effect" to achieve "one step filming".

 3. You just need to hold a button to start shooting, the gimbal will automatically move according to the scene's requirements, and some may provide tips to users on following the camera movement.
Q4. How to operate the Inception Mode?
1. Press Zoom- to switch to FPV Mode.
2. Move the joystick left and right to proceed the operation for Inception Mode.
Q5. Why does my gimbal automatically enters sleep mode after a short while of usage?
1. Make sure you've installed your phone, and check whether the mobile phone is well balanced. Serious unbalance will cause motor overload and goes to sleep to protect it.

2. Please have a check whether the indicator flashes quickly, if it does, it means low battery and the gimbal can not work.
Q6. Does the MOZA Mini MX 2 support fast charging?
Fast charging is not supported, the charging specification is 5V/2A.
Q7. What can I do if there is a delay in the movement and video in my App?
1. Check whether the anti-shake function is turned on in the App, if it is, please turn off the anti-shake function.

2. If the delay still exists after you turned off the anti-shake function, please uninstall the App and download it again. If the problem still exists, please contact our after-sale service.
Q8. What should I do if  × appears after I opened the App and searched Bluetooth?
Please close Bluetooth search box in the MOZA genie app, then re-open the search box and search again the Bluetooth device, try to connect again. 
Q9. What should I do if the Object Tracking fails?
1. Please try to select a target of a suitable size in a single background environment. the screen and be clearly visible without any foreground objects.

2. If it still doesn't work, please try to upgrade the App and gimbal firmware.
Q10. What should I do if the indicator light is not on and I can't turn the MOZA Mini MX 2 on due to upgrade failure?
When upgrade failure happens, please force your gimbal enter firmware upgrade mode (also called boot mode, hold zoom- button then press fn button) and upgrade firmware again.

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