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The Slypod Pro is more than just a monopod. This new motorized monopod perfectly combines the sliding movement of a slider and the lifting movement of a jib arm, in exquisite body size. With Slypod Pro, unique shots at any possible angle can be captured smoothly and precisely, from horizontal to oblique, vertical to hanging and encircling.

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MOZA Slypod Pro

MOZA Slypod Pro Slider is developed to meet content creators' professional needs in all scenarios and conditions. With the new upgrade, the Slypod Pro can extend out 530mm for a total length of 1380mm. The moving speed and battery life are doubled from the original Slypod version. It also features the Arca-swiss quick release system and enhanced universal pan & tilt head design to create a foldable tripod with a built-in reverse lock.

  • This 3-in-1 monopod is made of sturdy and light-weight carbon fiber supported by a robust foldable tripod base designed to help the Slypod Pro on any surface. The portable Slypod Pro only weighs 1460g, so you can easily disassemble the tripod base and accommodate a backpack when heading to the next adventure.
  • Experience the Ultra-high power drive motor technology that powers the Mars rover at your fingertips, with an unmatched precision movement of 1mm and acceleration from 0 to 10,000rpm in only 10 microseconds (1/100000s).
  • The super built-in battery provides the Slypod Pro with up to 5.5 hours of run-time. It can also be charged by an external power supply for continuous shooting. With the enhanced power supply, creativity always shines.
  • The intelligent mechanical design provides Slypod Pro with maintenance-free performance, protecting the built-in transmission system from wind, sand, and dust.


MOZA Slypod Pro Slider can be linked with Moza Aircross 2 using MOZA Master APP, enabling 4-axis motion control for endless creative possibilities.


Main Specifications

Material of Main Body Carbon Fiber
Weight of Main Body 1460g
Storage Length 650mm
Maximum Expanded Length 1380mm
Maximum Stretched Length 530mm
Maximum payload Horizontal 3.5kg; Vertical 6kg
Maximum Endurance 5.5H
Charging Time 4H
Operating Speed Highest 40mm/s; Lowest 0.5mm/s
Speeding Control 10 Grade
Pan&Tilt Compatibility Arca
Expansion Universal 1/4&3/8 inch screw holes


What's in the box

Slypod Pro What's Inbox


Q1. Why can't my Slypod Pro adjust the speed after connecting to the app?
The control authority of the device operation logic setting is App>Remote Control> Body.
 When the device is connected to the APP, except for the power button, other physical buttons devices will be affected.
 The device will give priority to responding to App operations. In normal exercise mode, the physical buttons can only be used after 5-10 seconds of no operation of the App.
Q2. Why is there a data display delay when using the APP to operate Slypod Pro?
The data displayed by the APP is the data fed back by Slypod. The feedback speed is affected by Bluetooth communication, and data delay may occur in a long distance. The control distance of the App is about 2 meters. Please use APP operation within the control distance.
Q3. Why some functions of my Slypod Pro APP don’t work?
Please upgrade the App and Slypod pro to the latest version at the same time.
Q4. Why can't my Slypod Pro Bluetooth connect?
1. Please try to connect to a mobile phone of another brand or system to see if it can be connected.
 2. If possible, it may be an APP compatibility issue. We need to report to the APP department to collect the Slypod Pro firmware version number and the mobile phone system version number.
 3. If not, it may be that the Slypod Pro Bluetooth module is broken and needs to be returned to us for repair.
Q5. Why does my Slypod Pro Bluetooth often disconnect?
Please use the mobile APP for control. The mobile APP is a tool that can provide more functions and finer control.
 The APP Bluetooth connection distance is 3m-5m. The reason for the infinite Bluetooth disconnection is the all-metal body we use, which will have a certain impact on the wireless signal transmission. And this product basically does not need a remote control.
Q6. Why does my Slypod Pro upgrade fail?
Slypod Pro upgrade needs to be connected to the power cord to make it in a charging state.
 And please note that the distance between the phone and Slypod Pro should not exceed 30cm during the upgrade process. The IOS upgrade time is about 3-4 minutes, and the Android upgrade time is about 8-10 minutes.
If the upgrade fails, please plug in the power cord and repeat the upgrade until it succeeds. Do not perform any other operations during the upgrade process. At the same time, keep the App in the upgrade interface, and do not turn off the screen or lock the screen to avoid failure to send upgrade data!
Q7. Why can't my Slypod Pro boot?
1. If there is no response when pressing the power button for more than 5 seconds, please Charge in time. The light ring is red during charging, blue when full.
2. Long press the power button until the light ring is always on (green or yellow) to complete the boot.
Q8. Why can't my Slypod Pro be charged (the light ring does not light up when charging)?
1. Replace the charging head, try to use 5V-1A/2A charging head, some fast charging protocol charging head may cause charging failure.
2. Recharge after power on. If the light ring still has no indication (turns red or blue) at this time, return to the factory for repair or replacement.
Q9. Why does my Slypod Pro inner tube have slight scratches?
The carbon fiber material will have bright spots and bright lines during the molding process.
Generally, the length of bright lines will not exceed 10mm and will not appear densely. The wear traces after use generally appear as very slight traces of lines or slight dust.
Q10. Why is there a gap between the first section and the second section of my Slypod Pro, and it shakes?
1. The circumferential swaying gap is about 1mm, and the front and back swaying gap are about 2mm, which is normal.
2. If the size exceeds the above size, return to the factory for repair or replacement.
Q11. Does Slypod Pro support focus control after connecting to the camera via a shutter release?
Sorry, not supported.
Q12. Is Slypod Pro compatible with the Wireless Remote Controller of Slypod/Slypod E?
Yes, support.

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