After-Sales Policies

The policy described below applies to products purchased directly from Gudsen. Please keep your original proof of purchase, receipt, or sales order to exercise these policies.

Refund and exchange policies

Gudsen guarantees that conform to the following conditions, refund and exchange can be requested within 7 working days (the actual date may varies according to local laws and regulations) of the purchasing date (subject to the actual date the product was received).

1.What is covered by these refund and exchange policies?

a. Manufacturing defects;
b. Product has been damaged in the transit, which was found when being unpacked and checked in the presence of the couriers;
c. The actual products are not matched with the original descriptions;

2.What is not covered by these refund and exchange policies?

a. The damage sustained in transit of the product is not immediately reported ;
b. The request of refund or exchange is made after 7 working days (the actual date may varies according to local laws and regulations) of purchasing day;
c. All original accessories are incomplete in the product for refund or exchange, attachments, accessories, specification, and packaging, or appearance damage caused by human cause.
d. Legal proof of purchase, receipt, or sales order are unable to provide, or have been forged or tampered;
e. No quality issues in itself were found after the examination from Gudsen Technical Support;
f. Crash or burn caused by non-manufacturing defects, or any damage caused by unauthorized modification, entry of foreign matters ( water, oil, sand, etc.), improper installation or operation; 
g. Labels, Serial Numbers, waterproof tag, false proof mark, etc. were tampered or altered;
h. Failure and damaged caused by force majeure, including fire, flood, earthquake, and lighting strikes.

3. The refund and exchange policies need to know.

a. For exchanges, only the defective parts will be replaced;
b. Please contact for more details of refund and exchange process.


All MOZA gimbals sold out enjoy one year warranty from the time of delivery. The warranty period for all MOZA accessories is 3 months. Gudsen will repair or exchange any product that fails to meet the specifications provided within the product's warranty period. 

1. What is not covered by this warranty?

a. Crash, scratch, or burn caused by non-manufacturing defects;
b. Product which did not operate in conformance with installation environmental, mechanical or electrical requirements; 
c. Any malfunction results from misuse, abuse, vandalism, neglect, improper modification, disassembling, storage, transportation, or handling;
d. The original identification markings on the product have been tampered, removed, or defaced; 
e. Damage caused by the operation of the unit with a low charged or defective battery;
f. Damage caused by reliability or compatibility issues when using unauthorized third-party parts;
g. Failure and damaged caused by force majeure.

2. The warranty need to know.

a. Customers are responsible for shipping cost when sending their product(s) back; Technical Support will examine and identify the problem and responsibility; Gudsen will cover all the test cost, material cost, labor cost, and delivery fee when sending the repaired product back to customers if it is a quality problem in itself ;
b. If the product is deemed not to be covered by this warranty, we will contact customer to accept the repair cost, or on its option, have the product returned back to the customer; 
c. Customers can contact for more details of maintenance process.