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Model: AirCross 3
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With an updated compact and ergonomic design from AirCross 2, the AirCross 3 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer features enhanced battery life, updated OLED UI, a single start/stop/shutter button, a more durable metal construction, greater stability, enhanced manual control, and a foldable design. The AirCross 3 supports cameras that weigh up to 7 lb, which can be set up in different configurations: Classic mode, Sling mode, and Dual-Handle mode, and can be used with a grip extension such as the optional Slypod for a dolly effect.


Key features
  • Updated Compact, Foldable Design
  • Sling & Dual-Handle Modes, Vertical Mode
  • 7 lb Payload, Wide Body Camera Support
  • Tracking Mode, Hand Gesture Control
  • Angled Motor Arm for Clear Camera View
  • Portrait/Landscape Mode Switchable
  • Axis Locks for Simplified Balancing
  • 3500mAh High-Capacity Battery
  • Durable Metal Body Design
 Shipping and Delivery
  • Estimated dispatch within 7 days
  • 14 Days Return & Refund Service
Other Infos 
Category Parameters
Gimbal Weight (Tripod excluded)
Gimbal Weight (Tripod included)
Payload 3.2Kg
Unfolded Dimension
Folded Dimension
5V 2A Slow Charging
9V 2A Fast Charging
Battery Type Li-ion Intelligent Battery(built-in), 24.718Wh
Maximum Endurance
Motor Lock
Battery Voltage 7.27V
Battery Capacity 3500mAh
Longest Working Time 20H
Working Temperature -10℃ -50℃
Charging temperature 5℃-40℃
Bluetooth BT5.0, 2.400 GHz -2.4835 GHz
Quick Release Plate Manfrotto 5
Tilt axis
Roll axis
Pan axis
360°continuous rotation


What's inbox

AirCross 3 In Box


Q1. What is the maximum payload for the AirCross 3?
It's 3.2KG.
Q2. Can AirCross 3 be linked with the Slypod Pro?
Sorry, not supported.
Q3. How to use the AI Module of MOZA AirCross 3?
Please click here to get the user manual.
Q4. Is this gimbal compatible with the Blackmagic 4K?
Sorry, no support.
Q5. How to connect and control the camera via cable?
Please enter the setting, and then use the joystick to control your selecting:
1. Choose the camera icon.
2. Choose the USB mode, right move the joystick to confirm - plug in the cable.
 3. Open your camera, then the screen will show it is connected to the camera.
Q6. How to activate Manual Position 2.0?
Manual position: setting – advance - manual position - choose on; while using it, use your hand to move the pan arm/tilt arm and stay in the position you want in 2 seconds, then the gimbal will stay still.
Q7. How to check the battery level without turning on the stabilizer (where is the indication on the handle)?
You cannot check the battery without turning on the gimbal, we don’t design the indicator lights on the gimbal body this time, you can check the battery to turn on the gimbal, the battery life will show up in the up-right corner of the screen. (You can turn on the gimbal without putting on the camera)
Q8. How do I change the speed in sport mode?
Sports mode is not supported for choosing and adjusting the speed, it was set to the maximum speed for sports mode; if there're more required needs for the speed control of the Sports mode, we'll upgrade the firmware to adjust it in the future.
Q9. Can Timelapse be set up without an app?
You cannot set the timelapse without the app, there're too many settings of the timelapse function, putting it on the gimbal will make the UI interaction complex; if there're many require needs for this function, we can upgrade the firmware and add this on the gimbal in the future.
Q10. How is the AI block connected?
AI module has instructions, please click here to learn more.

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