Air 2 VS AIR

Brief Introduction:

MOZA Air 2 serves as the upgraded version of the initial version MOZA Air and gives better performance and stronger functions which definitely contribute to your cinematic filming.

There are several features you may like: the angled motor; the intuitive OLED screen; the shortcut trigger and wheel; the quick release mounting system and so on. These brilliant features are added to MOZA Air 2 and hence become the new sexy especially when MOZA Air 2 simultaneously gets able to load heavier cameras and lens.

On the other hand, MOZA Air still keeps in high level for stabilization to deliver stable and smooth footage while absolutely saving you plenty of bucks. You couldn't find another bargain than MOZA Air to achieve professional assistance within 400 dollars.

You should also notice that after firmware updates, MOZA Air also allows inception mode, sport gear mode, and 8 follow modes—the popular features of MOZA Air 2. This is quite a deal. Last but not least, MOZA Air also supports cool mimic control if you pair it with a thumb controller(optional), which MOZA Air 2 doesn't support.

The bottom line:

For higher performance and new design, choose MOZA Air 2. To get qualified functions with more affordable price, go for MOZA Air.

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MOZA Air 2

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