Q1.What should I do if the gimbal vibrates, spins or is not level ?
1.Run the Gyroscope/Accelerometer Calibration carefully. When you calibrate, please mount the gimbal as the tutorial shows and keep the gimbal horizontal and still.
2.Disconnect the camera connection to your gimbal, then restart your gimbal.
3.Remount the camera on your gimbal, and readjust the balance on all of the three axis.

Please refer to the calibration video.
Please turn on the electronic level to help you finish the calibration.

Q2. How do I check my gimbal version?
Go to the Moza Assistant(on the phone) and connect with your gimbal, then go to the device page where you can find the gimbal version.

Q3. How do I trigger shutter/Time lapse for Air with Panasonic GH4/5 camera ?
This requires an optional Panasonic Shutter for trigger shutter/Time lapse. Please refer to

After Camera is connected with the gimbal, please set camera model to OTHER on MOZA Assistant APP. 

Q4. Is the Air compatible with Canon 5D Mark IV?
For Air + Canon 5D Mark IV, please use Mini to Micro USB cable + C2 Shutter Control Cable to connect.
You can refer to below cables:

Q5. How do I connect the gimbal to a PC or a Laptop (Windows or PC)?
Download the Moza Assistant software for desktop on our official website. Make sure you have installed the driver on your laptop before you begin the steps below.
Steps: Enter booth mode on the gimbal->connect with USB between gimbal and laptop->open Moza Assistant.

Q6. What should I do if it says ‘device not found’ when connected with a laptop or PC (Windows or Mac)?
Double check if you have download the right software (Moza Assistant) on your laptop/PC, and if you have downloaded the driver successfully. Below is the order for how you connect the gimbal and your laptop/PC.
Steps: Enter booth mode on the gimbal->connect with USB between gimbal and laptop/PC->open Moza Assistant.

Q7. Can I use Air/Aircross with Sony A7iii/A7Riii and Moza thumb controller? Can the thumb controller support both shutter and record?
Yes, you can use Air/Aircross with Sony A7iii/A7Riii and Moza thumb controller for shutter, but unfortunately it does not support record.
If you can’t record and shutter, please check if you have the right mode (Alpha) on your Moza Assistant.