Q: How can I change the language from Chinese to English?
A: Press the menu button three times.

Q: Can thumb controller be used with Air 2?
A: No. It can only be used with Air/AirCross.

Q: Why does my gimbal automatically shut down?
A: It's designed to protect the gimbal if user employs wrong operations. Remember to check whether the roll arm is unlocked before using. Also you need to turn off the tripod mode if it drifts.

Q: How to make sure Air 2 is correctly balanced?
A: First enter Gimbal Set, Calibration, Balance Check. The Air 2 will give you a readout to help you identify if you need to make adjustments to the gimbal's balance. Also use this link to double check if your camera is properly balanced, if it's not staying on the position you move it to, it is NOT balanced. See details here.

Q: Can Air 2 be connected to camera and control?
A: Yes, it can do for the cameras on the compatibility list. Connect the cable to MOZA Air 2, and then the camera. Enter Camera Set, Select, then the Camera Model in turn and press right to select the needed model. Now that your camera is connected and you can use the MOZA Master app to program a timelapse, control ISO, and use the power button to activate the camera’s shutter.

Q: Can I directly use the gimbal after the balance?
A: To get the best performance of the MOZA Air 2 you need to use auto tune. Make sure you have correctly balanced the gimbal and the gimbal is placed on a stable surface. Enter Gimbal Set, Motor, Autotune, and click right to start.
Also Autotune can be activated by holding in the Fn button and from the MOZA Master App under Motor Settings. Wait until the gimbal finishes auto tune before moving or touching the gimbal just in case you cannot properly auto tune the gimbal while out in the field.

Q: How to set a start point and end point on the iFocus?
A: Enter Advanced, Focus Set, and click right to start. Now adjust the lens' position using the Dial, to set Point A, click right on the smartwheel to save the position. Use the Dial to adjust the lens' position to set Point B, click right on the smartwheel to save the position. The iFocus can also be used to control lens zoom.

Q: How to change follow modes?
A: The letter L means that axis is locked and the letter F means that axis will Follow. To access each mode press the joystick in one time to switch Pan from Follow To Lock, press the joystick in two times to switch Roll from Follow To Lock, press the joystick in three times to switch tilt from Follow To Lock.

Q: How can I update the firmware?
A: First turn off your gimbal. Hold the joystick in then press the power button. The gimbal will display the message Boot Mode. Open the MOZA Master App, Confirm that you want to upgrade the firmware, tap upgrade. Wait for the gimbal to finish updating before restarting the gimbal.
Or you can check “Firmware Upgrade” in the manual or these videos on how to update firmware via computer and via APP.

Q: Is calibration of Accelerometer and Gyro necessary?
A: Calibration is important to all gimbals and calibrating the gimbal correctly will ensure a level horizon and drift free operation. If your gimbal starts to drift on the pan axis or fail to hold the horizon correctly on the roll axis, you will need to calibrate the gimbal's gyro and accelerometer. The motors must be turned off to calibrate the stabilizer correctly. Also calibration can be accessed from the gimbal's handle under Gimbal Set.

Q: What's manual Positioning?
A: On the MOZA Master App under Motor Settings you can turn on Manual Positioning. This will allow the user to position the gimbal with their hands. Note all axes must be in Lock mode for manual positioning to function.

Q: What does “Filter” mean?
A: In short if the balance is done and the parameter is set, in this case one of the three axis you still find some slightly vibration, watch and try to lower or higher(it depends) the Filter on that axis until the vibration is gone. This only work at slightly vibration, balance and parameter are always the top priority thing to check before you begin with a gimbal.

Q: What can Smart Trigger do?
A: The smart trigger can have up to four functions assigned to it. Hold (holding the trigger in); Once (pulling the trigger one time); Twice (pulling the trigger two times); Third (pulling the trigger three times.) The smart trigger's functions can be changed through the handle on the gimbal under Gimbal Set or through the Moza Master App under Buttons Functions.

Q: How to restore to Default Settings?
A: Use the MOZA Master App under Configuration and select Set Default. Or from the gimbals handle configuration.

Q: What about MOZA Air 2 Output Voltages?
A: The MOZA Air 2 can power a camera over USB. Also the MOZA Air 2 offers two DC outputs of 7.8 volts and 16.8 volts(on improved version).

Q: How to balance the camera on gimbal?
A: Balance the camera, tilt arm, roll arm, pan arm in turn.
For details check the video here.

Q: How should I balance with iFocus?
A: Remember to mount your iFocus on the gimbal and then balance them together.
See details here.

Q: How can I attach external monitor (one way)?
A:Through the extension port. See details in the video tutorial.

Q: Are there any calibration tips?
A: Yes.
If you turn on the gimbal and camera do not seem level, here's a quick way to fix that:
1. While on, hold the roll to 45 degree forcing the motor to power off (while the gimbal is still on)
1B. Or hold the menu button for 3 seconds will do that as well.
2. Make sure camera is perfectly level
3. Click on menu and go to gimbal set and press right of wheel to enter
4. Then to calibration, then do gyro and acc having motor off and camera balanced.
Here's a quick calibration video, you do not have to put the gimbal flat, camera must be on it, use this video for acc and gyro calibration, same process.

Q: The gimbal do not come with a hard case, where can I get a hard case?
A: You can get either the fashion backpack or the pro backup via or find any hard case similar to the Pelican 1510 and it should fit, there's a post here that showed, search for hard case.

Q: Can you attach BMPCC4K to the gimbal?
A: Yes, including Sigma 18-35mm lens.

Q: If I have the gimbal power my BMPCC4K (either via weipu to 5.5mm dc16.8 or dummy battery), how long does it last?
A: Typically about 3.5hrs via weipu and 2 hrs via dummy battery.

Q: Can I mount the BMPCC4K onto the gimbal without the cage?
A: Yes, if you attach the counterweight between it or potentially use the raiser plate that came included.

Q: Can you power the camera and monitor at the same time?
A: Yes. How long does it last: maybe about 3-4hrs. Use the 12v power out for camera and the 7.4v out for monitor or vice-versa.

Q: My manfrotto 501pl won't fit.
A: Remove the front lock pin from the gimbal's base plate, and remember to ‘lock’ it, otherwise, it may fall off. The gimbal's plate CAN be used on any manfrotto 501pl base plates though.

Q: Does my camera XXXX works with the gimbal?
A: Most cameras up to 9lbs will fit. That doesn’t mean the camera control functionality works, for that please check the compatibility list on the product page or email directly.

Q: Can I use iFocus on my air or aircross or any gimbal?
A: Yes, you can use it with any other gimbal or tripod but you will not be able to control it unless you get the Hand Unit. In the future, you can also wirelessly control the iFocus via the app, which is the Moza Master.

Q: Moza Master App not connecting to Air 2 when iFocus is on.
A: Turn iFocus off (it can be connected) and then first connect to the Master App and then turn iFocus on. (The Cable to iFocus can be plugged in)
Air 2's iFocus feature for setting A and B point is NOT for A and B points, but for the lens' route calibration, the A is the one end of the lens and the B is the other end of the lens, this calibration is useful if you have lens and gear rings that have a 'hard stop'.

Q: How to use the Hand Unit with the gimbal?
A: Pair the Hand Unit with the iFocus and if you plan to use the hand unit while using the Air2, just turn on the Hand Unit and it will automatically disable gimbal's control and allows you to use the Hand Unit instead. Once you turn off the Hand Unit, control will be back to the gimbal.

Q: I don’t see Moza Air 2 in Moza Assistant app.
A: Please download the new one called Moza Master.

Q: Can I update the iFocus' firmware?
A: Yes, the iFocus must be installed with the gimbal and set into firmware update mode-red or white light will need to be on while doing the gimbal’s firmware update process. Check iFocus Manual located at Gudsen website if you didn't get one.

Q: How do I make timelapse using Air2?
A: Check the tutorial on Air 2's product page at the official website. See details here.

Q: What cable should I use for Sony cameras?
A: Sony camera users: There're two main control cable for Air 2. Sony M3C-Micro USB cable and Sony USB setting on Air 2 allows you to operate camera functions like ISO, Aperture, Shutter and Video record & stop. Sony Multi cable and Sony Multi setting on Air 2 allows you to operate only shutter function. Make sure that your camera USB setting is computer remote mode.

Q: In underslug mode, my gimbal vibrates.
A: Vibration mostly happens if you don't balance properly. Upgrade the firmware first and try to do autotune and lower down the motor power.