Q: Stabilizer oscillating and vibrating.
A: Check the balance of the camera's center of mass on the Pitch, Pitch Height, Roll, and Yaw axes.
Mount the gimbal to a tripod. After testing the balance of the camera on the gimbal, go to the MOZA Assistant App. Under settings locate "Auto Tune". During the auto tune process do not touch or move the gimbal.

Q: Stabilizer is rolling/tilting from left to right and turning off.
A: Check the arrows on “This Side Up” located on the roll arm. If the arrows are pointed down the gimbal is incorrectly oriented and will not function. Remove the camera, and reorient the gimbal so that the arrows are pointing upward.

Q: Stabilizer is panning by itself. 
A: Calibrate the Gyro, see gyro calibration under the Moza Assistant App.

Q: Stabilizer is not level to the horizon.
A: Calibrate Accelerometer, see calibration under the Moza Assistant App.

Q: How to connect to a desktop PC or Mac.
A: Download the Gudsen Moza Assistant software for desktop from the software page. Note Moza Assistant works with all Moza stabilizers.