Q: Which phones can MOZA Mini-MI support?
A: Smartphones whose width is within 61mm to 92mm.

Q: Why can’t my phone get wireless charging from MOZA Mini-MI?
A: Check first if your phones have wireless charging function.

Q: Why does the motor of my MOZA Mini-MI get so hot?
A: The MOZA Mini-MI is not balanced well. How to balance:

Q: I’m Android users, how do I know if my phone is compatible with MOZA Genie App?
A: Check the android version number of your phone first. As long as the number is above 5.0, MOZA Genie App will be compatible with it.

Q: Where can I download the MOZA Genie App?
A: IOS users can download from Apple Store; Android users can download from Google Play. Or download on official page:

Q: Can I use the app when the MOZA MinI-MI is charging?
A: Yes, but please make sure to use the original charging line.

Q: What should I do if my phone fails to connect with the gimbal?
A: First, update the Mini-MI to the latest firmware version; Then make sure to turn on the Bluetooth of your phone; It there is still no effect, please restart your phone and MOZA Mini-MI.

Q: Why does the app fail to display the current date after connecting successfully?
A: Make sure that you have updated the Mini-MI to the latest firmware version.

Q: What should I do when the MOZA Mini-MI works incorrectly or loses control?
A: Update the Mini-MI to the latest firmware and do calibration.

Q: Where can I find the tutorials of the MOZA Mini-MI?
A: In our official YTB channel:

Q: How to enter the inception mode and the sports mode?
A: Double click the right button of the wheel to enter the sports mode.Triple click the upper button to enter the inception mode, then move the joystick to rotate your phone.

Q: Who should I turn to for help if I have problems with my MOZA Mini-MI?
A: You can write an email to

Q:Does it work with iPhone X max and XR ?
A:Yes it does. This gimbal supports Smart Phones between 2.4 to 3.6 inches wide. The iPhone Xr is 2.98 inches wide, while the Xs Max is 3.05 inches wide.

Q:Does this support Android Samsung Note 9?
A:Im using it with an iPhone X, although when I first got it, I was using a Note 8. The software for Android was still beta and would have to be loaded from the website. That said, the gimbal should work and balance fine with the Note camera app.

Q:If my phone doesn't support induction charging, what kind of USB cable I can use to connect to the gimbal's battery?
A:The stabilizer has a micro usb B port and the cable is included in the box.

Q:Dose this work with Iphon 8 plus?
A:Yes it will. This Stabilizer works with Smart Phones that are up to 3.62 Wide and weigh up to 10.58 ounces. The iPhone 8 Plus at 3.07 inches wide and 7.13 ounces is well within the limits of this product.