1. How do I use the gimbal for the first time?
(1)Unlock the phone holder by turning it clockwise
(2)Turn on the BT & GPS, download MOZA Genie App from the iTunes or App Store
(3)Put the smartphone camera towards the left and keep the smartphone in the middle of phone holder
(4)Turn on the MOZA NANO SE
(5)Launch the MOZA Genie App on the phone and allow all permissions, select the Bluetooth icon on the left corner of the App interface, connect to the Bluetooth named Hi-NanoSE-12BB400XXXX
(6)Connect Bluetooth and start to use

2. What if Bluetooth is not found in the App?
(1)Click system setting-Bluetooth Connection and confirm whether you can connect to Hi-Nano SE Bluetooth. If yes, proceed to step 1. If not, proceed to step 3.
(2)Mount the phone on the gimbal, balance the phone and turn on the gimbal. Then triple press the + button when simultaneously pressing the M button on the remote control. After you reset the Bluetooth connection, turn on the App and connect it again.
(3)Confirm whether there is a second mobile device that has connected with NANO SE. If a second device is connected, disconnect the Bluetooth from that device. If not, please contact the official technical support team.

3.Can I connect NANO SE to multiple devices at the same time?
Only one device can be connected at a time. Connecting to a secondary device will automatically force disconnection from the first device. The second device will be the only device connected.

4. Is NANO SE firmware and Bluetooth firmware the same thing?
The NANO SE firmware and Bluetooh firmware can be oerated within one app but are separate and need to be upgraded separately. See the user manual for instructions on how to upgrade the NANO SE firmware. Upgrade the Bluetooth firmware through the OTA. If there is no special situation, please do not click OTA upgrade to avoid unknown problems. For OTA upgrade operations, please consult MOZA Support Team.

5.I am getting the following error message: Please check the Bluetooth configuration/Bluetooth connection failure prompt when Bluetooth is connecting to the NANO SE. What should I do?
Attempt to connect the device several times. If, after several attempts. It is still not connecting, contact technical support and provide the smartphone model.

6.Why is my battery life less than the official advertised?
Actual battery life will vary based on the use environment. For instance, there is a difference in battery life when the gimal operates in leveled or non-leveled use. Non-leveled use will require more power and therefore give you less battery life. The official laboratory test environment only includes the battery life under ideal leveling state, which is for reference only.
It is recommended that users try to level the phone and use it to get a longer battery life experience.

7. The axis cn not handle the weight of the smartphone and can not be locked when mounting the smartphone on the NANO SE.
There is a locking knob on the side of the axis. Use a coin to lock the axis and return to normal use.

8.What if the smartphone is not leveled when mounting on the NANO SE?
Check that the chuck on both sides of the phone holder fits and clamps the phone completely. If if is misaligned, adjust the phone holder and the phone to ensure that the chuck fits the edge of the phone completely.

9. What should I do if the NANO SE enters sleep mode when the smartphone is mounted on the gimbal?
(1)Confirm the phone is leveled. How to confirm the phone is leveled: (1) turn off the gimbal (2) turn the phone horizontally. If the phone can freely turn horizontally and vertically, the phone is leveled. If not, level the phone holder is in an unbalanced position
(2)If the problem persists after confirming that the phone is leveled, please check if the NANO SE is out of battery. If it is, it means the battery is low. Charge the battery before use.
(3)Contact the support team if it is the battery is charged and the problem persists.

10. What should I do if the gesture control feature is not very sensitive?
(1)A environment with too many elements in the scene decreases the recognition rate of gesture shooting. If the problem persists, remove clutter or switch to scenes with fewer environmental elements.
(2)The ending gesture is activated in two steps. Ensure these two steps are performed properly.
 Open palm (1 second)
Make a fist (1 second)

11.  What if the remot control is lost or out of power and will not charge?

(1)An additional remote control can be purchased seperately. If the remote control is lost or running out of battery, you can purchase an additional remote control through the MOZA website or verified dealers. Pair the new remote control with NANO SE.
(2)Directions on pairing the new remote control can be found in the owner manual.
(3)Please contact MOZA support team when your gimbal is out of power and will not charge.

12. Does the temperature of the environment effect the gimbal's functionality?

(1)Generally, it is recommended to use the gimbal under 0℃~40℃
(2)Operating the gimbal in temperatures below 0℃ will drain the battery power significantly faster. In emergency situations, the gimbal can be used in these extreme conditions for a short time. It is not recommended to use the gimbal in these low temperatures for an extended period of time, doing so will shorten the battery life significantly.

13 .Does NANO SE support fast charging?
No. MOZA recommends using a conventional 5V charger ONLY. The maximum charging current is 580mA at 5V, the protocol of the fast charging charger is not compatible.

14. What if the smartphone is not leveled when I turn on the NANO SE?
(1)Confirm the smartphone is properly mounted (meaning it is level). Instructions on how to level the smartphone can be found in FAQ #10.
(2)If the phone is properly mounted, and the smartphone is still not leveled, use the following two methods to solve the problem
 Connect the NANO SE with the App, select Gimbal Set-Filter-Adjust the filter
 Mount the smartphone on NANO SE, turn on the gimbal and keep it leveled, the gimbal will automatically calibrate after 10 seconds.

15. How do I confirm NANO SE is connected to Bluetooth?
When NANO SE is connected to any Bluetooth device, the Bluetooth indicator on the left side of the arm will be illuminated in blue.

16. How do I properly store NANO SE for an extended time?

(1)Fully charge the NANO SE (more than 70%), and recharge it at least every 1 to 2 months.
(2)Store NANO SE in a relatively dry and suitable temperature environment.
(3)Do not place heavy objects on top of NANO SE when in storage, doing so may damage the built-in sensor.