Q: What's Slypod?
A: It's the world's first 2-in-1 motorized slider&monopod. It can be used as a monopod to support your camera and gimbal or used as a rocker arm. Also it can be used as a micro slider to do sliding shooting.

Q: What's the Slypod made of?
A: It's equipped with carbon fiber and high strength aluminium alloy. Also an ultra-high power density geared motor offers it great power.

Q: What's the max payload of Slypod?
A: It handles a rated horizontal payload of 4kg and up to 10kg as well as a rated vertical payload of 9kg and up to 18kg. ‘Rated’ means in the most proper situation and operation.

Q: How long is the battery life of Slypod?
A:The battery life is about 1.5hrs-2hrs.

Q: In what means Slypod can be controlled?
A:Slypod can be controlled by the buttons on the body. Also the App and the handunit can also do the work to achieve remote control.

Q: What’s the weight of Slypod?
A: The main body weights only 750g.

Q: How long do I need to fully charge Slypod?
A: The charging time is 90 minutes.

Q: Can I use it with a monopod?
A: Of course you can. The extension ports and screws enables it to cooperate with many other accessories like tripod, monopod, gimbal and head.

Q: Is Slypod weather proof?
A: Yes. The telescopic design delivers a maintenance free feature to protect the sliding part therefore it’s weather proof and can be used for very long time.

Q: What do I need if I want to achieve Dolly Zoom with iFocus?
A: You need to connect the iFocus with Slypod via the dual end spring cable and App or handunit to do the settings.