How to Choose Your MOZA Gimbal

We are living in an age open for everyone. With V-logs pumping out, you will never miss the chances to express yourself and make better videos recording every treasure like moment. In order to shoot buttery smooth videos, a gimbal stabilizer for capturing motion without any shakes or bobs is definitely on your must-buy list.

It once cost you an arm and a leg to get one that was worth using. Now? You can get professional quality gimbals without breaking your bank. And that’s one reason why a growing number of people start to choose the gimbal and ready for more advanced shots.

On the other hand, you are now having more specific options to choose the right gimbal since they are also evolving to load multiple functions and thus to achieve more customized effects.

MOZA has been on the verge of creativity to offer you the best gimbals ever.

Come on and choose the MOZA gimbal that works best for you!

Based on Your Equipment


DSLRs stand for professionalism. Heavy camera with various lens. They are born to help you shoot as a pro.
So You need a gimbal equipped with large payload and extraordinary performance to drive them.

MOZA Air 2 is armed with a max payload of 4.2kg(9lbs) but only 1.6kg gimbal body, being able to work up to 16 hours and features a spark power supply system enabling to power the camera and other accessories. Smart timelapse such as track, motion time-lapse, zoom timelapse would be easy and its accessory eco-system make it even smarter.

MOZA Air inspired from aerospace industry-grade aluminum features quick release system, shoot motion time-lapse and slip-ring technology which can capture 360-degree panoramic videos from an immersive, wide-angle perspective.

Gimbals Recommended: Air 2Air

For mirroless cameras

Mirrorless camera is your best choice if you want an alternative between DSLRs and digital cameras. Perform amazingly yet with less weight.
A light-weighted gimbal which offers advanced and practical functions fits all you want.

MOZA AirCross 2 is an upgraded gimbal stabilizer compatible with most mainstream mirrorless cameras and DSLRs, offering more solid support with less weight in itself. Features like easy setup and balancing, integrated smart control system, 3-axis lock design to facilitate your film-making.

MOZA AirCross is equipped with unlimited power source for camera and gimbal, which enables your device for all day use. Its inception mode and sport gear mode can create dreamlike and cinematic footage and it also boasts shooting incredible timelapse video.

Gimbals Recommended: AirCross 2AirCross 

For smartphones

In the mobile age, nothing could do better than a smartphone. Even for starting an art creative journey.
V-logging, traveling, recording your life, a smartphone can handle them all with qualified frames and that's why it does matter to enhance your shooting further. MOZA smartphone gimbals features multiple functions and modes to give you smooth and stable shooting while easy to work with your smartphone.

, a 3-axis smartphone gimbal, is created for everyone. Designed to be flexible, compact and user-friendly but packed with features included in the Mini-series gimbal line up, the MOZA Mini-S simplifies your filming experience with less time spent on setup and more time for your creative production while on the go.

MOZA Mini-MI can supply wireless charging for gimbal and smart phone and create the mobile film. It enables you to smoothly zoom in without touching your smartphone and capture the magic of special moments.

Gimbals Recommended: Mini-SMini-MI 

Based on Unique Functions

Timelapse, Vertigo shot, Inception mode

Either for cameras or smartphones, all MOZA gimbals are qualified enough to produce cinematic shooting effects such as timelapse, Vertigo shot and Inception effect.

Gimbals: Air2 / AirCross 2/ AirCrossAir / Mini-SMini-MI/

OLED Screen

Air 2 and AirCross 2 features an OLED screen to directly display the state as well as parameters to achieve intuitive control.

Gimbals: Air2 / AirCross 2 

Mimic Control

Paired with the thumb controller (Thumb controller is optional rather than standard), Air and AirCross can follow your movements and give the most responsive control. This is especially useful when you need remote gimbal control. 

Gimbals: AirCrossAir

Wireless charging

Mini-MI is the world's first wireless charging smartphone gimbal. If your mobile phone supports wireless charging, it will help support your phone to work longer without any extra cables.

Gimbals: Mini-MI

Being Foldable

Mini-S further enhances the convenience that a phone-gimbal combo could bring to us. It can be folded into palm size and taken in the pocket or small bag thus makes it easier for you to take around and shoot with ease.

Gimbals: Mini-S

Based on Scenarios


In travel and daily life scenarios, the very most demand is to keep the shooting process easy and convenient rather than bearing the fatigue and burden caused by heavy equipment.
Smartphone gimbal or ultra-light camera gimbal will save your energy and unleash your creativity as well.

Gimbals Recommended: Mini-S / Mini-Mi / AirCross 2AirCross 


Works can hardly be done without a professional shooting system for video producing experts.
A high-level strong gimbal with endless power and practical accessories will totally back you up in professional and commercial scenarios like wedding or film producing.

Gimbals Recommended: Air 2Air