MOZA Care Customer Service Agreement
Thank you very much for purchasing “MOZA Care”. Please read the agreement before your confirmation of purchasing the “MOZA Care” service. The content of the service agreement ensures your rights. Your purchase of the service is deemed acceptance of the agreement. The service is provided by MOZA Care, and the maintenance and repair is carried out by a designated after-market service agency.

1. During the service period of MOZA Care, the damage caused by non-human reasons during the normal use of the stabilizer equipment (except for damage caused by force majeure) will be tested by our after-sales department. After meeting the standards, the maintenance and labor costs incurred will be borne by our company. The details are as follows:

(1) The stabilizer equipment of the MOZA Care service is damaged (broken or incapable) due to accidental falling, squeezing, or collision Use, and within the service period, you need to send the stabilizer equipment to the after-sales address designated by the company for repair, and the reasonable repair costs incurred will be borne by the company.

(2) During the service period, the company only bears the repair cost of the MOZA stabilizer equipment,  it will get one free repair based on this service contract. After the repair, the responsibility of this service plan is terminated.

(3) If the MOZA product is a stabilizer device with a screen, this service can repair the screen.

(4) The damaged parts or products after replacement belong to our company;

( 5) MOZA Care service is not for accessories and gifts such as exterior decorations, chargers, data cables, etc.

(6) The logistics costs incurred by mailing and repairing will be paid by the consumer and our company.

2. MOZA Care service does not include repairs caused by the following conditions:

(1) Damage to the stabilizer equipment caused by my deliberate behavior.

(2) The model and SN of the stabilizer equipment you sent for repair Codes, etc. which are inconsistent with, altered, missing or unrecognizable as recorded in the purchase of this service agreement.

(3) Water/liquid/lubrication of the stabilizer equipment causes damage to your stabilizer equipment.

(4) Purchase MOZA Care During service, your stabilizer equipment has been damaged or there are corresponding problems that make it unusable.

(5) Your MOZA Care stabilizer equipment has been stolen, stolen, robbed, missing, forgotten or discarded.

(6) Your MOZA Care stabilizer equipment is worn, corroded, oxidized, rusty, deteriorated, naturally worn out, or has exceeded its service life.

(7) Your MOZA Care stabilizer equipment is gradual due to dust accumulation, condensation, heating, etc. Loss caused by reasons.

(8) Your MOZA Care stabilizer equipment is leased or leased (including current leases and completed leases) to a third party for profit.

(9) Yours MOZA Care Stabilizer equipment is not caused by accidents (traffic accidents, nautical accidents, natural disasters, etc.) of the product's circuit and mechanical failures and other general internal failures.

(10) Computer viruses, other malicious codes or similar instructions destroy the product.

(11) In any case, the accessories or consumables of the product, including but not limited to the damage or loss of memory cards, charging equipment, data cables, etc.

(12) Your MOZA Care Defects in appearance, such as paint peeling, scratches, fading, etc., but those who are damaged at the same time as the product are not limited to this.

(13) Loss and loss of data, programs, and software that are not required for the basic functions of the product Damage.

(15) Any damage caused by war, civil war, rebellion, revolution, military coup, terrorist incident, nuclear radiation, nuclear explosion and other nuclear energy Risks, typhoons, floods, blizzards, tornadoes, storms, tsunamis, ground subsidence, cliff collapses, avalanches, hail, mudslides, landslides, sandstorms and direct or indirect losses caused by force majeure events.

(16) Anything that cannot be verified Product damage caused by external "accidents".

3. MOZA Care other liability exemption the following losses, expenses and responsibilities, our company is not responsible for compensation:

(1) Your repair request is not within the MOZA Care service period or the agreed service time limit.

(2) Any losses, expenses, or responsibilities other than those stipulated in the MOZA Care service agreement.

(3) Fines, penalties and punitive damages, any form of indirect loss, compensation for mental damage.

(4) Improve the technical standards and performance of stabilizer equipment The additional costs incurred.

(5) Personal injury and/or property damage and/or any economic loss of you or any other personnel caused by the stabilizer equipment.

(6) You did not go to the after-sales center designated by the company to repair it.

(7) Any litigation, arbitration and expenses related to this service agreement incurred by you.

4. Responsibilities and Obligations of Users in the MOZA Care Service.

After purchasing this service, you should perform the following obligations as stipulated in this clause, otherwise our company will have the right to temporarily not provide this service based on the severity of the actual situation:

(1) During the use process, you should actively take preventive measures if you know that the use mode and use environment may cause damage to the stabilizer equipment.

(2) When accidental damage occurs, you should try your best to take necessary measures to reduce or control the loss, and follow the company’s requirements and procedures for repairing.

(3) When applying for repairs, provide relevant vouchers (including but not limited to: purchase invoice, purchase list, details of mall orders, etc.) and inform the actual unexpected situation (such as the company If an accident is required to be verified, corresponding photos or corresponding supporting materials should be provided to support the accident), and no fraud or forgery of facts is allowed.

(4) Before sending the stabilizer device for repair, please back up important pictures and video data in the stabilizer device to avoid data loss due to maintenance or replacement. Our company is not responsible for any loss or damage of data or information in your stabilizer device.

(5) Do not disassemble, modify or repair the stabilizer equipment products by yourself or at a maintenance point not authorized by our company.

(6) Once the MOZA Care service is bound and effective, it cannot be transferred to a third party or used by others.

(7) ) During the MOZA Care service period, if it is found that the user has deliberately damaged the product or deliberately transferred the service to achieve fraudulent purposes, the MOZA Care service will be automatically terminated, our company will not refund any fees, and reserve the user’s legal responsibility right.

5. Moza Care service extended for six-month protection of your Moza products after your base warranty expires. The validity period of the replacement & repair service provided by MOZA Care (Six-Month Plan) will be calculated from 0:00 on the date stated in the service agreement, and the validity period is 12 months.

6. MOZA Care service refund and transfer:

(1) MOZA Care service is purchased at the same time as the stabilizer equipment you purchased, and the host returns and exchanges within 15 days, this service can also be processed within 15 day. After 15 days, we do not accept any cancellation, return or exchange.

(2) lf the SN code of the product is changed due to replacement or maintenance, you can also continue to bind the SN number of the new stabilizer equipment,  and then to activate the MOZA Care service.

(3) After purchasing stabilizer equipment products, purchase the MOZA Care service separately, and once the product and service are bound, this service will not be returned or exchanged.

(4) Once you purchase the MOZA Care service, it cannot be transferred to a third party.

7. Service guarantee product service termination clause in one of the following circumstances, this MOZA Care service will naturally terminate:

(1) The service validity period specified in the MOZA Care service agreement has been reached.

(2) After completing the maintenance service of the stabilizer equipment.

(3) After the service guarantee period of your stabilizer equipment.

(4)The user has failed to perform related responsibilities and obligations and other reasons (including but not Limited to transfer the services of this agreement to a third party, fraud, forging facts, etc.) lead to early termination of the service.

8. MOZA Care Service Terms of Use:

(1) In the event of an accident, you can call the national customer service hotline "400-833-4360" for troubleshooting.

(2) Prepare related information Materials (purchase invoice, purchase list, copy of the front and back of the ID card and the documents required by the company) and the malfunctioning machine, follow the hotline requirements to select MOZA Care exclusive maintenance channel, and send the machine to the company's after-sales center; You need to ensure that the machine SN code and identity certificate provided when applying for repair are the same as those provided at the time of purchase, otherwise you will not be able to obtain repair services.

(3) The after-sales center will inspect your stabilizer equipment again, and those that do not meet the service coverage standards will be returned or quoted for repair; those that meet the service coverage standards will be processed normally.

9. MOZA Care Service Information Security:

(1) Shenzhen Gudsen Technology Co., Ltd. ensures consumer online shopping information security and personal information security.

(2) The MOZA Care service you purchased may need to be provided during the repair process Necessary information. The collected information will not be distributed, leaked, sold or provided to others without your consent.

Note: MOZA Care Information that needs to be provided during the repair process includes: copy of purchase invoice Please keep the above information in a safe place. In order to ensure the performance of this service, the company reserves the right to ask you to supplement the required materials, and you agree to cooperate.

10: MOZA Care other terms of service:

(1) At the moment, MOZA Care temporarily is only available to customers in the U.S, Canada, EU countries, the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea. You can check whether MOZA Care is available in your country on the MOZA Online Store. To ensure that you can enjoy the MOZA service normally, the supported products must be purchased from MOZA official store with valid proof of purchase. For customers who purchase from other channels, this service is temporarily not supported. If there are any updates in the future, we will notify you as soon as possible.

(2) "MOZA Care" requires information during the maintenance and repair process: order number, purchase list, payment record like credit card statement, PayPal receipt, etc.

(3) The final interpretation right of MOZA Care service related matters belongs to our company. If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact us via -