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MOZA AirCross 2

In a sleek and ergonomic design, the Moza AirCross 2, in black, supports up to 7 lb cameras, including wide-body types like the Blackmagic Pocket 4K and those with a built-in grip. It comes with a companion iOS/Android smartphone app that provides many creative features, including an AI calculation function that auto-tunes the gimbal by selecting optimal parameters based on the camera load. The AirCross 2 is designed to hold the camera mounted closer to the tilt motor, allowing for more stability with most cameras, and the camera orientation can be switched between portrait and landscape modes when using the dedicated included bracket. The gimbal also has an angled motor arm in order to allow a clear view of the camera LCD during operation.


Key Features

  • Supports most mirrorless and DSLR cameras up to 7 lb.
  • Angled motor arm for a clear view of the camera display.
  • The camera is mounted closer to the tilt motor for increased stability.
  • Switchable between portrait and landscape modes when using the dedicated included bracket.
  • 3-latch locking system for simplified step-by-step balancing.
  • Up to 12-hour runtime with included battery.
  • The battery features its own charging port and can be plugged directly into a USB charger.
  • Three CAN port for accessories such as iFocus-M motors.
  • iOS/Android Moza app.
  • Auto-tuning AI calculation function.
  • Time-lapse capture, multiple follow modes, Inception mode, and Sports Gear mode.
  • OLED screen.

MOZA AirCross 2 Stabilizer

The magnesium-alloy integrated technology allows MOZA AirCross 2 to provide robust performance at just 950g (2 lbs) and can achieve seamless cinematic shots with one hand. Featuring a superior motor with a 3.2kg (7 lbs) payload capacity, the MOZA AirCross 2 is capable of supporting most mirrorless and DSLR cameras on the market.

Gimbal Weight: Batteries excluded 950g; Batteries included 1.05kg

Payload: Minimum 300g; Maximum 3.2kg

Camera Tray Dimension(mm):Tilt to release center 125

Roll to release center 120

Release center to tilt top 75

Connections: Bluetooth 4.2 BLE 2.4G (2440MHZ)

Camera control port: Mini USB 10Pin * 1

Accessory expansion port:3.5mm 4Pin Multi-CAN port*3

Input Power: Capacity 3000mAh, 21.6Wh

Charging Time:1.5 hours

Quick Charge voltage(V) :5V 2A, 9V 2A (Max)


    Gimbal Weight Batteries excluded 950g(Batteries included1050g)
    Payload 300g-3200g
    Dimension(mm) Storage dimension 230*330*90 / Extended dimension 240*170*390
    Working Current 200mA
    Battery life 12H
    Charging Time 1.5H (Quick Charge Support)
    Quick Charge voltage 5V 2A, 9V 2A (Max)
    Operation Temperature(°) 0-50


    Q: What do I need to do before turning on the gimbal?
    Before you turn on the gimbal, please make sure that the motor locks have been released and the camera has been well balanced.
    Q: What cameras are compatible with AirCross 2?
    We have it on our user manual(features description--camera control), please kindly check this for more. MOZA AirCross 2 User Manual
    Q: In what circumstances can the motor locks be used?
    The motor locks can help you fold the gimbal well and easy for camera installation and balancing, Filmmakers on the go can easily carry it around and start again over from repeated adjustments
    Q: What is the basic mechanical performance of AirCross 2?
    The weight of AirCross 2 is 1050g(battery included) and its payload range is from 0.3kg to 3.2 kg, making it the lightest gimbal stabilizer of its kind on the market.
    Q: What is the battery life of AirCross 2?
    The 3000mAh high capacity battery provides AirCross 2 with up to 12 hours of battery life, also the battery has its own USB charging interface and can be charged by the external power supply.
    Q: What is in the package box along with the AirCross 2?
    You can check the purchasing page for the specific accessories.
    Q: How do I know that the camera is well balanced?
    The gimbal can check the balance status of each axis automatically and instruct users to correct adjustment, for more specific steps please kindly check the user manual.
    Q: What is Sport Mode/FPV and how can I enable it?
    If faster following speed is needed, please click the right button to enter the spots gear mode. For a larger following angle, triple-click the left button to enter the FPV mode to achieve 360 degrees follow of 3 axes.
    Q: Can I choose the gimbal language? If so, how can I manage to do that?
    Yes, the AirCross 2 supports both Chinese and English, by triple pressing the menu button, you can switch the language.
    Q: Can a thumb controller be used with AirCross 2?
    No, it can only be used with Air/AirCross.
    Q: Can I directly use the gimbal after the balance?
    To get the best performance of the gimbal you need to use auto-tune. Make sure you have correctly balanced the gimbal and the gimbal is placed on a stable surface. Enter Gimbal Set, Motor, Autotune, and click right to start.
    Q: Is the calibration of the Accelerometer and Gyro necessary?
    Calibration is important to all gimbals and calibrating the gimbal correctly will ensure a level horizon and drift-free operation.
    If your gimbal starts to drift on the pan axis or fails to hold the horizon correctly on the roll axis, you will need to calibrate the gimbal's gyro and accelerometer.
    Q: What does “Filter” mean?
     In short, if the balance is done and the parameter is set, in this case, one of the three-axis you still find some slight vibration, watch and try to lower or higher(it depends) the Filter on that axis until the vibration is gone. This only works at slightly vibration, balance, and the parameter are always the top priority thing to check before you begin with a gimbal.
    Q: Can I attach BMPCC4K to the gimbal?
    Yes, the BMPCC4K can be mounted on the AirCross 2.
    Q: What can I do if my gimbal automatically shuts down?
    It is designed to protect the gimbal from further damage. Remember to check whether the roll arm is unlocked before using. Also, you need to turn off the tripod mode if it drifts
    Q: Which app can I use to control Aircross2?
    You can use the MOZA Master app to control Aircross2.
    For iOS users, please search and download it in App Store
    For Android users, please search and download it in Google Play.
    Q: What do I do if my app will not connect to the gimbal?
    1. Make sure you have downloaded the MOZA Master app. For iOS users, search and download it in App Store. For Android users, search and download it in Google Play.
    2. Go to settings and confirm that the MOZA Master app has permission to access the location function of the mobile phone.
    3. Test connection to the gimbal using another mobile phone
    Q: What is the standard battery life and charging time of Aircross2?
    Charging specifications support 9V 2A QC3.0 fast charge and 5V 2A. General charging time is 3-4 hours. Standby time is 12 hours (in a laboratory test environment).
    Q: I can't control my camera, why?
    1. Check if your camera is in the compatibility list at the following link, If your camera model is not in the list, it means that your camera has not been tested by Gudsen, and we cannot guarantee the compatibility of Aircross2 with your camera.
    2. Confirm that you have selected the corresponding camera control protocol on the gimbal.
    The camera control protocol is selected in the following path:
    Gimbal menu>Camera>Select, select the protocol corresponding to your camera model in the selection menu. For cameras using M3C-Mini/Micro/C control cables: choose M3C-USB. For MCSC-C1 cables: choose the shutter cable. For other cables, refer to the compatibility list for selection.
    Q: How can I solve the gimbal vibration problem?
    1. Make sure that the screws of your gimbal have been tightened, otherwise, this can cause noticeable vibrations.
    2. Automatic adjustment of the parameters is required when you change the camera lens combination or install the camera for the first time. Please refer to the video tutorial:
    3. If your question is not solved yet, please consult the after-sale service.
    Q: How do I switch my language to Chinese?
    Turn on the gimbal, long-press the red button to enter the menu, general>about>language>Chinese, and then click the right button to switch to Chinese.
    Q: How do I check the battery status?
    1. You can remove the battery from the gimbal, and shake the battery to check the battery display light status.
    2. After you turn it on, view the battery status on the OLED screen.
    3. Once your MOZA Master APP is connected to your phone, you can view the gimbal's battery status through MOZA Master.
    Q: What is First Person View (FPV) mode and how to access the mode?
    1. First Person View, or FPV mode, is a full-angle follow mode, where the gimbal follows your movements in three directions: roll, pitch, and direction. You can create first-person videos in FPV mode.
    2. When the gimbal is on,-click the left button on the dial three times to access the mode, the screen will show "FPV mode".
    Q: What is the maximum load Aircross2 can carry?

    The maximum payload of Aircross2 is 300g-3.2Kg. If you're not sure about whether or not aircross2 is compatible with your camera and lens combination, please check at this link: or consult after-sale service.

    Q: How do I connect my camera to Aircross2?
    1. Turn on your camera and check the compatibility list at the following link:, to determine the data cable and the protocol corresponding to your camera model.
    2. Select in the main menu: camera>select>the corresponding control protocol.
    3. Connect the camera and the gimbal.
    Q: I am unable to turn on the gimbal. What do I do?
    1. Remove the battery and make sure the insulation paper has been removed.
    2. Shake the battery sharply, observe the battery indicator, verify that the battery is charged, and if the charge is low, charge it promptly.
    Q: My gimbal is stuck in Automatic Hibernation. What do I do?
    1. Please check that the motor mechanical lock on the gimbal is in the unlocked position.
    2. Make sure the gimbal has been balanced. Refer to the tutorial:
    3. The gimbal will automatically hibernate at low charge status, please ensure that your gimbal is fully charged when working.



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