SCSC-S2 Sony Shutter Control Cable

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*This product is compatible with Slypod E / Slypod


Compatible camera models:
Sony ILCE-6600、ILCE-6500、ILCE-6400、ILCE-6300、ILCE-6100、ILCE-6000、ILCE-5100、ILCE-7M3、ILCE-7RM3、ILCE-7RM4、ILCE-7RM2、ILCE-7SM2、ILCE-7M2、 ILCE-7S 、ILCE-7R 、ILCE-7、ILCE-5000、ILCE-3000、NEX-3N、a58、HX50、HX60、HX300、HX400、RX100M2、RX100M3、RX100M4、RX100M5、RX100M6、RX100M7、RX10Ⅱ、RX10Ⅲ、RX10Ⅳ、RX1 RⅡ、HX99、A99Ⅱetc.
Note: Incompatible with RX100 (first generation), RX10, RX1R etc.

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