Moin L1 Kit

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Moin L1 versatile video and photo adventure light on the market. Comes with pocket size, Bluetooth compatibility, adjustable color temperature, waterproof, and high color rendition.
The ultimate diffuser and color filter for the photographer.
  • 3200K-5600K
  • 10+ hours of usage at 2% brightness, 2 hours at 100% brightness and 40 mins at 200% brightness
  • Maximum brightness ≥1000lm
  • Waterproof level: IP68  (up to 10m/32.8ft)
  • 6 lamp beads
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery: 7.4V 800mAh
  • Rated: 4W
  • Battery life: 2 hours in maximum brightness
  • Standby time: 2 years
  • Dimension: 38mm*38mm*39mm
  • Bluetooth support 1/4 camera screw
  • Charging: 5V/2A magnet interface 
  • CRI≥90
  • TLCI≥90
  • Dimension Color Filter : 46.4*38.9*2mm
  • Diameter Diffuser:34.8mm

In the Box

  • Moin L1
  • Adapter Ring
  • White Color Filter
  • Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • 1 Sphere diffuser
  • Five color filters (red, blue, green, silver green, orange)

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  • Members of EU (Except Croatia, Greece)  Order Process time: 1-2 days   Shipping Time: 5-14 days
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